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Farmers’ Market Meal Plans

Farm-to-table sounds charming, but as we all know, it’s not that simple. Every week we hand-pick a collection of nourishing meals from 5-star cookbooks and award-winning food bloggers so you and your seasonal ingredients shine. Together we support local farmers, eat really well, and forge memories around our tables. We’re bringing dinner back. Are you in? Join the movement for 14 days, on us.

Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plans

Every week we deliver carefully curated meal plans to our subscribers featuring a balanced variety of high quality, seasonal recipes—helping you be the best version of yourself in the kitchen, day in, day out.

Choose from our subscriptions based on the amount and types of meals you wish to prepare each week.

Weekly Meal Plans

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  • Customize your weekly meal plans, or create your own from the recipes in our catalog
  • Check off ingredients in shopping lists based on the recipes in your meal plan
  • Prepare, rate, and save your favorite recipes
  • Use on any device, wherever you can access the internet