This short introduction should be enough to get you acquainted with the basics of the app. For more detailed information, browse through the remainder of the guide.

  1. A new curated meal plan is delivered to you every Friday. Each weekly Plan has it’s own page, and once you receive a Plan, it’s yours to keep and use as long as you’re a subscriber.
  2. You can customize any Plan by adding, removing, or duplicating recipes. To duplicate or remove recipes from a Plan, click/tap Show Options, which displays additional options for each Recipe in the Plan.
  3. The meal plan shown in the header at the top of every page is your Working Plan. Click/Tap the dropdown menu to change your Working Plan.
  4. To add recipes to a Plan, click/tap the plus (+) button on any recipe page to add the recipe to your Working Plan.
  5. Every Plan has a discrete Shopping List tied to it. The Shopping List icon in the top-right corner of every page is tied to your Working Plan. If you change your working Plan, the Shopping List changes along with it. Shopping Lists are automatically updated based on the ingredients used in the recipes of the respective Plan.