5 Back-to-School Lunches + This $5 Lunchbox from MightyFix

5 Back-to-School Lunches + This $5 Lunchbox from MightyFix

Aug 25, 2016 by Christine

We’ve noticed shopping at the farmers’ market tends to make us more aware. Mostly of how our choices impact the world around us. It’s a gradual, unanticipated effect.

At first you might start to feel uncomfortable using so many plastic bags and make an effort to bring reusable ones. The following month you might be storing leftovers in the fridge and realize, oh, cling wrap also = plastic. I think I’ll start using glass jars or find a cling wrap alternative. Then you’re wiping the counters one night and think, maybe I shouldn’t disinfect my cooking area with chemicals. What can I use instead? A few weeks later, as you toss out a water bottle, it occurs to you it might be a good idea to cut down on what you send off to the landfill every week.

These realizations soon gain momentum and you begin reading natural-living articles (which is kind of like reading WebMD, but for your home), convinced you need to throw out most of your possessions because everything gives you cancer. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. Where do I start? Whose research is right? Forget it, one change isn’t going to make a difference. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. And then you just throw in the proverbial (paper) towel (by the roll-ful in just under a week) because it’s too much to change.

Enter MightyFix. Every month a surprise product shows up at your doorstep with a short note about how to use it and how it will create healthier habits and a healthier home—one baby step at a time.

Here are some more details:

  • A subscription to MightyFix is $10/month and each month subscribers receive an item valuing at least $10, and often more. With the code HUCKLEGOOSECONTAINER you can get your first fix—a stainless steel bento box—for just $5. (The code will be automatically applied to your cart with this link.)
  • Shipping on your MightyFix is always free, but more than that, if you want to add other things to your order—detergent or dish soap or sunscreen—you can add those to your order and have all of those things ship for free, too.
  • 15% of your $10/monthly MightyFix is eligible to be donated to your child’s school. More details on MightyNest school fundraising right here.
  • MightyFix products are always products that would be useful in any household; not for families with children only.
  • You can be a subscriber for as long or short as makes sense for you; there’s no mandatory subscription period.

Here’s what to do:

MightyNest is offering the Huckle & Goose crew a special $5/month rate for the first month of their subscription. That means that if you sign up for MightyFix today, you’ll pay just $5 for the first month and you’ll receive this stainless steel lunchbox as your first fix. This box usually retails for $15—it’s made of grade #304 stainless steel (18/8), won’t rust, and is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Right this way to sign up! (MightyFix is currently available to U.S. customers and for a small shipping surcharge, to Australian and Canadian residents as well.)

And now on to the recipes you can pack for lunch in this lunchbox!

Subscribe to the Dinner Plan to get access.

This post is sponsored by MightyNest, a company whose mission and products we love and use daily. We’re personally signed up for MightyFix so we’ll be getting our monthly box along with you!