The Huckle & Goose Cookbook

The Huckle & Goose Cookbook

May 24, 2019 by Christine & Anca

You: I should probably cook more.
Also You: I hate cooking. It really is a waste of time.

This is all of us. It’s why we spent the last 2+ years writing The Huckle & Goose Cookbook and it’s finally here!!!

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There are 115 recipes, all planned weekly, out by season. Meat, dairy, sugar, gluten in moderation. Lots of vegetables in ways that you’ll actually crave.

But beyond the good food, it’s more than a cookbook. It’s about perspective shifts that will make you actually want and like to cook, instead of viewing it as a never-ending chore and something you don’t have time for. It’s about reconnecting with nature, inviting people over more, and learning the best ways to take care of yourself, to the core. It’s a life-long guidebook of habits, ideas, and meal plans to discover how to cook with good ingredients, on a regular basis, in a way that feels more effortless and everyday—for you and your people.