One Thing This Weekend No. 11

One Thing This Weekend No. 11

Jan 2, 2016 by Anca

And that’s a wrap, folks! The holidays are gone, but we still have the tree up because we just can’t bring ourselves to take it down just yet. Once the tree goes it’s official: time to become that better version of ourselves that includes eating healthier, finally making exercising a priority, reading more books, purging things we don’t need, making time for family, etc.—pretty much the same list from all the past years that we didn’t fully accomplish. But this year, 2016, is the year it’s going down.

So here’s what we’d encourage you to do this weekend. Instead of some lofty goal(s), choose one practical thing that is almost too mundane, something that you can repeat every. single. day. One habit you’d like to form that isn’t difficult but does require daily practice to become routine.

Goose’s resolution is being present. So if she’s out with friends, the phone goes away and she has a conversation. If her kids want to play with Legos, she makes it a priority to actually play and not worry about the next recipe she needs to test. No multi-tasking—do each thing well and be in the moment.

Huckle’s is doing one thing that gets her heart racing every day, something a little scary that’s out of her comfort zone… besides running a startup. When faced with two options, doing the harder or non-lazy thing and trying to stay in that frame of mind daily. This just might be the year she learns how to swim. This little journal seems like the perfect way to stay accountable.

What’s yours? Tell us with #thathucklegooselife!