One Thing This Weekend No. 12

One Thing This Weekend No. 12

Jan 22, 2016 by Anca

If you’re on the East Coast you’re currently bracing for a blizzard. Stocking on up bottles of water (and wine, obvi) and making sure there is enough bread to last a full month.

And if you’ve got any kids following you around they are giddy with anticipation for epic snowball fights, the coolest snowman on the block, and repeatedly asking you if there is a sufficient marshmallow supply for all the post-sledding hot cocoa refuels.

Before we all stress out about the traffic, that annoying lady in front of us at the grocery store, and praying we don’t lose electricity, remember that you were once a kid. And oh what joy snow storms brought. Remember the thousand of layers your mom made you put on before you could go outside — extra socks, hat, scarf, two pairs of pants (under the snow pants), gloves, huge boots? You couldn’t even drop your arms to your side or bend at the knee. If you tripped down the steps you were fine and practically bounced right back up from all the extra padding.

But once outside can words even describe the feeling? Pure. Joy. White snow as far as the eye could see and completely untouched waiting, just begging for you to jump in and make snow angels. Let’s rekindle that feeling this weekend.

Make your kids pull you around in the sled for a change. And belt out a “weeeeeeeeeeeeee!” No kids of your own? Find the nearest hill and bribe a kid to use his saucer a few times, and you may just find your laugh (or giggles) again. The one you didn’t think would ever come out again.

So go out there, winter warriors, and show that blizzard who’s a kid at heart.