One Thing This Weekend No. 13

One Thing This Weekend No. 13

Jan 29, 2016 by Anca

Remember the days before text? We kinda don’t either. These are the days of having complete conversations only in emojis. It’s so easy to shoot a text and think you’re actually catching up with your friend between the OMGs and lols.

So join us in calling one friend this weekend. The friend you’ve kinda lost touch with except for liking each other’s random Facebook posts. You don’t even know what happened, really, other than life. And now it’s been so long, it’s sorta awkward to even call them (I mean do you even have their number anymore?).

Nevertheless, muster up the courage and give them a call (no praying it goes to voicemail either). You’d be surprised how easy it is to actually dial someone and have a real conversation. Yeah you could watch another episode (or five) of your fave show on Netflix, but we promise you’ll be happy you skipped it.