One Thing This Weekend No. 14

One Thing This Weekend No. 14

Feb 19, 2016 by Anca

Winter is basically over, with only a few more weeks until we can celebrate spring. And while we’re very stoked about all things spring, we really do love winter, because can you enjoy a bowl of stew, sip hot chocolate, or cozy up by a fire any other season?

And what better way to relish the last weeks of winter than by building an epic blanket fort? Magic ensues when a bunch of furniture, blankets, pillows, and clothespins (necessary if you take your fort-building seriously) come together. Nostalgia done right.

There aren’t rules per se, but there are some guidelines to ensure optimal fort fun.

  1. You can certainly build the fort alone, but it’s always better with some of your favorite people.
  2. The inside is just as important as the outside. Lots and lots of cushions and pillows on the inside and a string of twinkle lights is the cherry on top.
  3. Absolutely NO electronics are allowed – you can survive without your iPhone, iPad, or laptop. You can snap one selfie to show off your work, but that’s it. Then it goes off. Netflix can wait.
  4. Old photo albums, favorite books, and journal and pen are all the entertainment you need. Spooky stories by flashlight too. You can pretend you’re in a lavish tent in some exotic land or maybe you just want to take a nap.
  5. The fort festivities must take up at least half your day. We suggest sleeping in it over night. If you say it’s not comfortable enough, then my friend, you clearly haven’t done a good enough job. Get back in there and bring ALL the pillows this time.
  6. Commit to epic fort building next year at the same time. Nothing like starting your own traditions.

We want to see your forts, people! And those s’mores! So tag your pics #thathucklegooselife.