Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine

Apr 25, 2015 by Christine & Anca

Besides getting you guys to shop at the farmers’ market on the regular, one of our goals is sharing a piece of that proverbial pie and sending a big ole check to people doing awesome things. So every month, 10% of your membership is paid forward. To organizations with big hearts who care about their communities and do practical everyday things to make the world a better place.

This month: Green Bronx Machine. Watch this 2-minute film and see why Stephen Ritz wins at life. Bronx teenagers tell how he’s kept them from jail, simply through mentoring and exposing them to the beauty and wonder of growing their own food—on rooftops and in small patches of neighborhood dirt.

Only a few days left to support their Barnraiser campaign, raising money for a new health and wellness center in the South Bronx. No better way of celebrating Earth Week than giving back.

Who should we choose for May? We’d love to hear what non-profits you care about!