I've Been Using Huckle & Goose

I’ve Been Using Huckle & Goose

Feb 22, 2016 by Christine & Anca

Name: Laura

Location: Linkoping, Sweden

Gig: Nurse, currently stay-at-home mom

How many peeps do you cook for?

I cook for four—two toddlers (2 and 4 years old), my husband and myself.

How many breakfasts/lunches/dinners do you make at home? Walk us through the food details of your day:

I usually make breakfasts on the weekends, lunches rarely, and dinner every night. Our lunches are usually leftovers from the dinner the night before.

What was your kitchen life like before H&G?

Before Huckle & Goose it was definitely more challenging to find recipes that I liked. I am fairly new to cooking and I am always looking for new recipes. There are a lot out there and it’s overwhelming at times knowing which ones to make.

What’s life like now, with H&G?

Now with H&G I usually find myself searching the net less for other recipes and I am always confident that what I make will turn out good. So far everything I have tried turned out delicious. I am always looking forward to the new weekly plan knowing that I will find something that I know for sure we will all like.

Your all-time favorite H&G recipe:

I have many favorites, but one recipe I find myself making more often than others is the herb and paprika rubbed chicken thighs. It’s very easy to make and tastes amazing.

First word that comes to mind when you think of H&G:


What do your people say when they come over and you cook for them?

When people come over and I cook H&G for them, they always compliment the food and my cooking skills. When my brother visited recently he said, “Laura, I didn’t know you can cook like this! This food is amazing.” (I never really cooked when I lived at home.)