I've Been Using Huckle & Goose

I’ve Been Using Huckle & Goose

Mar 8, 2016 by Christine & Anca

Name: Alicia

Location: Lovettsville, Virginia

Gig: Meteorologist-turned-photographer

How many peeps do you cook for?

Just myself and my husband, but sometimes we eat like a family of four! ;)

How many breakfasts/lunches/dinners do you make at home? Walk us through the food details of your day:

We make most of our meals at home, though breakfasts are more likely to be quick, and lunches are more likely to be out (because that’s when I’m usually running errands).

What was your kitchen life like before H&G?

Before joining H&G, meal planning was a chore and a half. I’d literally have to set aside several hours to either pull out my cookbooks, or browse through my Pinterest boards to come up with meals for the week. Ideally, we’d be eating seasonally and healthy, so I really had to dig to find recipes that fit the bill. On top of that, we don’t like to repeat meals often, so this was something I had to do every single week.

What’s life like now, with H&G?

Once we signed up for the two-week trial of H&G, we were sold. Each week we’re getting recipes that are healthy, seasonal, and crazy good. Plus, it’s been fun cooking with ingredients that we hadn’t used before—we both love celery root puree – who knew?! Meal planning is so much simpler now. Plus, I can trust that the recipes we make are actually going to be delicious, which is a gamble when you find one on Pinterest or in a cookbook. We eat way more veggies now that so many recipes feature them in a starring role!

Your all-time favorite H&G recipe:

We’re big fans of the Guajillo-Braised Short Rib Tacos. Holy mother. That’s at least three nights of dinner in one meal, and they’re so delicious. Makes your tongue slap your face off.

First word that comes to mind when you think of H&G:

Simplicity! I own my own business, and my work hours are all over the place. I loathed meal planning because it was such a time-suck. H&G makes the necessary chore of planning meals for the week so much simpler.

What does #thathucklegooselife look like?

It looks like my husband and I in the kitchen after working all day – me chopping, and him over the stove. The H&G-provided playlist is causing us to momentarily stop what we’re doing and start dancing together in the middle of the kitchen. We sit down and cheer each other before eating – either with our chosen libation, or our forks. It brings us together and signals that it’s time to relax and enjoy the evening.

I was never a [insert fruit/veggie] person, but I’ve learned to love it because of this recipe:

I didn’t think I was a Brussels sprouts person—my mom never cooked them growing up, and they were always the go-to dreaded veggie on TV shows as a kid—but I loved them ever since we made the Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Pizza.