Breakfast in Bed for Mom

Breakfast in Bed for Mom

May 7, 2015 by Andrea

There’s nothing quite like mom’s cooking, is there? Even all those seemingly ordinary meals you could order just about anywhere—fluffy buttermilk pancakes or oozy grilled cheese sandwiches—they’re just not the same like back home. Everybody says that’s because mom always cooks with the not-so-secret ingredient of love. She also probably cooked with a lot of patience because “What’s for dinner tonight?” every night got old pretty darn fast.

So this Mother’s Day, don’t buy into that whole “Oh, please don’t get me anything for Mother’s Day” thing. That’s like when she would pretend she was not hungry just so we could eat thirds of her famous veggie lasagna. Of course mothers want things, it’s just that they want their children to be happy and healthy even more.

That’s why we want to do something special for everybody’s mom. You get yourself cooking with Huckle & Goose and mom gets a full year’s worth of plans for free. Use code ILOVEMOM for any annual plan and we’ll send you an email right back with a printable gift certificate + her free code. And if you’re already part of the H&G fam, email us [] to claim mom’s gift.

We say that beats getting her a generic Hallmark card and some flowers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the gift of seasonal meals planned weekly, complete with a shopping list? Well, we’re pretty sure she would have wanted that a loooong time ago.

So now that you got the perfect Mother’s Day gift covered, you and your sibs can battle out who’s her favorite. (For the record, we think you might win.)

P.S. Stay tuned for an exquisite spring breakfast-in-bed menu posting Friday. Mamas, hand over your H&G password and let the others in your household treat you to this exquisite, spring breakfast in bed. We’ve done all the planning — they’ll have their shopping list and simple recipes right on their phones or tablets. We’ll make sure they wash all the dishes too. Take the day off, sleep in, don’t lift a finger.