The Berry Encounter

The Berry Encounter

Mar 2, 2014 by Christine & Anca

Huckle and Goose. The name marks the beginning of our story. The story of how two GMO-eating, antibiotic-chicken-buying women stopped saying, “Ewww is that kale?” and became tree-hugging, organic food lovers who shop at the farmers’ market every Saturday. We make sure our rainbow chard isn’t sprayed with pesticides and the ground beef for our burgers comes from cows who ate grass. Basically, we’re straight out of a Portlandia episode.

Huckle and Goose (from L to R) discussing business.

Always at odds, our love of cooking but loathing of meal planning resulted in too many pizza boxes piling up and too many vegetables wilting in the fridge. We were in a rut and needed new inspiration to climb out of it.

One fateful Saturday morning, a friend invited us to the farmers’ market and for the very first time, we happened upon the berries in our namesake. We went home, baked a pie, scooped some vanilla bean ice cream (definitely also from cows who eat grass) over it, and fell in love with the seasonal way of life.

There have been a few more Chinese takeout containers along the way, but that berry encounter completely shifted how we think about food.

Not only did the market meat and produce taste differently than their supermarket counterparts, but we noticed that our bodies and palettes craved the nutrients and flavors of foods found close to home, prepared in ways that honored the rhythm of the seasons. We naturally started being more intentional about how our meals tasted and looked and the pull to gather people around our table was unmistakable. Food tasted better when it was shared and shared meals kept us whole.

Despite how many times we feel we get things right in the kitchen, meal planning can still be a chore and sometimes we still don’t know what the heck to do with that kohlrabi. So we’re heeding the advice of the entrepreneurial experts and starting a business we wish existed.

A website that stands alongside you when you’re at the farmers’ market and have no idea what to do with that bunch of Chiogga beets. But you really want to buy them because they’re so pretty. A website that inspires you when the last thing you want to do is take your pots and pans off the shelf. A website that plans delicious, beautiful seasonal meals for you so you can spend your hours doing other things — like looking effortless at your dinner party or answering questions, like, “How did you make this? This is the best ____ I’ve ever had.”

We’re firm believers that there are no bad cooks, just bad recipes. As a subscriber, all we want you to worry about is pouring a glass of your favorite beverage, dancing in the kitchen, and cooking a dinner you know will become a favorite.