General Info

Are your recipes healthy/low fat/low carb/etc.?

We don’t cater to a specific diet, as we believe seasonal eating is inherently healthy and calls for everything in moderation. When something is picked locally, just a couple days before you eat it and it bursts with flavor, there is no need to compensate with unhealthy ingredients, but sometimes you just need some butter. Because butter makes everything better.

Do you offer a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free subscription?

At the moment all of our subscriptions are catered to an omnivore diet, but because you can easily remove recipes from a Plan and add in a recipe from our catalog, substitutions are pretty easy. We generally try to avoid a large volume of dishes that include meat, dairy, or gluten when we’re creating our Curated Plans. If this is an important feature to you, please let us know.

Which one of you is Huckle and which one is Goose?

Anca has reluctantly agreed to be “Goose” in Huckle & Goose, which makes Christine “Huckle.”

Who made this site?

The site was concepted by co-founders Christine and Anca. The Colophon page has a list of all the wonderful people involved with bringing the site to life.